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YouTube pulls the plug on another crypto livestream

The platform has cut off crypto-related videos before Crypto YouTuber Sunny Decree recently saw his livestream cut short by YouTube, with the platform stating the video had violated its ‘harmful and dangerous policy.’According to a Sept. 5 tweet from Sunny Decree, the video-sharing platform halted his most recent livestream on his English language channel — […]

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YouTube Reinstates More Crypto-Related Content, Admits To Mistake Via Twitter

YouTube starts to remove bans from crypto-related content as YouTubers look towards decentralized social media platforms. More crypto-related content is being re-enabled on YouTube after several days of unilateral deletions and non-communication from the video giant.YouTube responded three hours ago via Twitter to YouTuber Carl The Moon regarding the crypto-related videos that have been removed from […]

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Cryptocurrency Influencers Speak Out On YouTube Deleting Crypto-Related Content

Crypto influencers speak out and share updates on YouTube deleting crypto-related content on its platform. YouTube, one of the most popular social media platforms for video sharing, has aggressively started deleting cryptocurrency-related content from some of the biggest influencers in the industry.Based on Twitter and Reddit threads, YouTube suddenly began deleting a number of cryptocurrency […]