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Hospitals Still Being Attacked Despite Big Fall in Ransomware

Chainalysis found ransomware attacks have fallen during the crisis — but hospitals are still being victimised. The number of ransomware attacks globally has dropped significantly since the coronavirus crisis intensified in March, according to a new report from Chainalysis.The blockchain analytics firm said the drop was particularly significant given there were growing concerns over the […]

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StormX Announces Integration of StormShop For Their Mobile Users

A Seattle-based blockchain startup has launched a new cashback service to reward their iOS and Android consumers with cryptocurrencies. StormX has announced the integration of StormShop for its iOS and Android users, allowing them to earn cryptocurrencies back when they shop online, as the company has announced.The platform aims to improve the eCommerce experience for […]

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UK Startup Puts Haitian Farmers and Their Crops On the Blockchain

A Blockchain company in the UK has a new program for Haitian farmers and their crop sales. A UK tech company recently announced a blockchain ecosystem for farmers in Haiti, bringing clarity to the supply chain while bolstering sales.Agriledger, a blockchain outfit based in the UK, was responsible for building this new ecosystem. Their goal […]