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New Action Movie Features Billion Dollar Crypto Theft

New movie “Money Plane” features a plot about a heist from a ‘bulletproof casino in the sky’ carrying $1 billion in crypto. Cryptocurrency has a starring role in a new casino heist action movie starring Adam Copeland, Denise Richards, and Kelsey Grammer that premieres later this week.According to the trailer, Money Plane (out July 10) […]

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China Could Roll Out Its CBDC Without Anyone Realizing

Ledger’s Glen Woo believes that China’s central bank digital currency could be deployed using existing payment rails without citizens noticing the change. China has emerged as the world’s leader in central bank digital currency, or CBDC, development, driving speculation surrounding the country’s domestic and international ambitions for its CBDC.Speaking to Cointelegraph, Glenn Woo, Ledger Vault’s […]

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Ransomware Attack Kidnaps Austrian City

An ongoing ransomware attack targets the public services infrastructure of Weiz. Malware team, NetWalker, launched a ransomware attack against the Austrian village of Weiz. This attack affected the public service system and leaked some of the stolen data from building applications and inspections.According to the cybersecurity firm, Panda Security, hackers managed to penetrate the village’s […]