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Tokenized Real Estate Booms While Security Tokens Struggle

Despite a nearly double-digit retraction in the combined capitalization of the security token sector, real estate tokens gain over 4% during April. Real estate tokens have continued to post a positive performance for investors, gaining an average of 4.27% during April while top securities tokens suffered losses for the month.The combined capitalization of security tokens […]

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How Blockchain Could Change the Real Estate Investment Landscape

The expansion of DLT use in the real estate sector — in title verification, valuation, diligence, insurance payment and settlement, smart contacts, construction monitoring and material verification. David Hodge is the director of European operations for AEI Consultants, an employee-owned international consulting firm that provides comprehensive services to commercial lenders, property owners, managers, tenants, and […]

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US Blockchain Firm Partners with Sustainable Construction Firm to Design Data Centers

Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures partnered with SG Blocks to develop decentralized data centers. United States-based Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures (BHCV) has partnered with SG Blocks, which uses cargo shipping containers in construction to develop its multi-container data centers, according to press release on April 1.The blockchain company, which focuses on real estate, energy and technology […]