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Biggest Crypto Price Movements of 2019

Which cryptocurrencies saw the biggest price jumps or descents in 2019? The start of 2020 is a great time to look at the path travelled by cryptocurrencies up and down the price charts and analyze how these coins have been performing throughout the previous year. The prices of most cryptocurrencies changed tremendously throughout 2019, as […]

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Key Players in Crypto and Blockchain Share Their New Year’s Wish for 2020

Cointelegraph reached out to leaders of the crypto and blockchain space to find out what their New Year’s wish was for the industry. The digital currency space has seen rapid growth and expansion in 2019, with heightened interest from governments and global corporations. Cryptos recovered from the 2018 bear market, when with Bitcoin (BTC) crashed […]

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Worst Bitcoin Price Prediction of 2019

An overview of the worst and most outrageous Bitcoin price predictions of 2019. To prophesize is a natural human tendency. Humanity applauds those who make the right prediction and also love to hate on people when they miss the mark, especially by ridiculously large amounts.For many years, the crypto industry has been prone to high […]