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Managing Crowds as Virus Restrictions Ease Will Take GUTS

Dutch company GUTS has come up with a novel blockchain-based system for managing crowds in public places to minimize risks as pandemic restrictions are eased. As more and more countries seek to ease strict lockdown restrictions, challenges lie ahead managing social distancing in public places to mitigate the risks of a second wave of infections.GUTS, […]

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Dutch Govt to Embrace Blockchain in Fight Against Pandemic

A DLT firm will freely offer its blockchain platform to the Dutch government to track the nation’s medical supply chain. A consortium of Dutch companies has launched the “Tech against Corona” initiative. Participating firms will freely provide the Dutch government with access to innovative technologies that can be used in the fight against COVID-19.Netherlands-based distributed […]

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More Bitcoin Scam Ads With Martin Lewis on Instagram — Can We Get a Filter for That?

Bitcoin scam ads featuring Martin Lewis appear on Instagram less than a year after Lewis settled a defamation suit with Facebook. Suspected crypto con artists are once again using the likeness of British financial expert Martin Lewis to defraud unsuspecting victims. In 2019, Lewis settled a defamation suit against Facebook for similar Bitcoin (BTC) scam adverts.Instagram […]