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Blockchain for the Environment: It Is Real and It Is Here

The blockchain industry has the potential to help the world in stopping the climate changes and global warming. Every week sears a new image of climate change into our collective consciousness. A few decades ago, we heard about ozone holes and ice melting at slightly higher rates than anticipated. Today, the reminders of climate change […]

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Hodler’s Digest, March 4–10: Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

In major news this week, university students seem to be making a profit mining crypto, and Jack Dorsey buys $10,000 of BTC a week. Top Stories This WeekResearch: ‘Free’ Electricity for Students Makes College Campuses Major Crypto MinersAccording to research from tech conglomerate Cisco, college campuses are the second-largest crypto miners across industry verticals. The […]

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NEM Foundation Releases Restructuring Plan Amid Financial Difficulties

The NEM Foundation has released a plan for financial and organizational restructuring, following news that it was in dire financial straits. The NEM Foundation has released its plan for a financial and organizational restructuring on March 8. The plan comes in the wake of news earlier this year that the foundation was running low on […]