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Donald Trump: ‘I’ll Start Looking at’ Pardoning Edward Snowden

The US President said during a press conference that he would consider allowing Edward Snowden to return from his 7-year ‘exile’ in Russia. Edward Snowden may be able to return to the United States if Donald Trump chooses to grant the whistleblower a presidential pardon.According to an Aug. 15 report from Reuters, Trump said he […]

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$600M Crypto Ad Ban Class Action Filed in Australian Courts

Facebook and YouTube are facing a class-action lawsuit alleging anti-competitive behavior in prohibiting crypto advertising in 2018. Law firm JPB Liberty filed a class-action lawsuit in the Federal Court of New South Wales earlier today, targeting Facebook and Google for anti-competitive behavior for banning cryptocurrency advertising in 2018.JPB argues the ban, which was loosened in […]

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Three Individuals Behind Alleged PlexCoin ICO Scam Charged with Fraud

A new indictment came down in the case involving three Canadians behind the alleged PlexCoin ICO scam which raised $8M in 2017. Three Canadian citizens involved with an alleged initial coin offering scam from crypto project PlexCorps have been charged with fraud over conning investors out of $8 million.According to a July 24 statement from […]