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Regulatory risks grow for DeFi as a ‘money laundering haven’

DeFi could fall under regulatory pressure if it is seen as a haven for money laundering. The rapid growth in decentralized finance and yield farming is likely to attract greater regulatory attention according to a recent report.A joint research paper by global management consulting firm BCG Platinion and has indicated that the rapid growth […]

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Governments Begin to Roll Out FATF’s Travel Rule Around the Globe

How is the FATF’s AML guidance being implemented around the world, and what is its impact on the crypto industry? It’s been nearly eight months since the Financial Action Task Force issued its divisive crypto directives, establishing traditional banking regulations within the crypto sector. With the year-long adoption deadline fast approaching, how have the world’s […]

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New EU AML Compliance Laws Could Disrupt the Crypto Industry

As the 5AMLD is signed into law, turbulent times lie ahead for the crypto industry, experts discuss the changes. On Jan. 10, the European Union’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), was officially signed into law. The legislation will give sweeping powers to compliance organizations and law authorities. However, aside from tracking dirty money to offshore […]