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$600M Crypto Ad Ban Class Action Filed in Australian Courts

Facebook and YouTube are facing a class-action lawsuit alleging anti-competitive behavior in prohibiting crypto advertising in 2018. Law firm JPB Liberty filed a class-action lawsuit in the Federal Court of New South Wales earlier today, targeting Facebook and Google for anti-competitive behavior for banning cryptocurrency advertising in 2018.JPB argues the ban, which was loosened in […]

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‘Bitcoin Coronavirus’ Search Traffic Overtakes ‘Bitcoin Halving’

European searches have driven ‘Bitcoin coronavirus’ to overtake queries for ‘Bitcoin halving’ on Google Trends. Curiously, the search term “bitcoin coronavirus” has overtaken “bitcoin halving” on Google Trends.The odd search term is seeing the most traffic from Europe. Research indicates that Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland comprise the three jurisdictions that produce the most searches for […]

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Private Brave Browser Integrates Auto Wayback Machine Lookup

Brave browser users can now instantly access archived content of “missing” web pages via automated Wayback Machine lookup. Brave, a major privacy-oriented rival of popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, now automatically redirects users to check out archived versions of pages that were removed from the web.Starting from Feb. 25, Brave browser users can […]