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Tensions Flare: Is Bitcoin Cash Headed to Another ‘Catastrophic’ Fork?

Despite tensions flaring among Bitcoin Cash developers over the protocol’s difficulty algorithm, another chain split seems unlikely. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community is divided over whether to change the cryptocurrency’s difficulty adjustment algorithm, with a recent developer meeting reportedly concluding with attendees storming out of the event.On August 4, Chris Pacia, the lead developer of […]

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Bitcoin SV Rivals VISA for Transactions Claims Bitcoin Association

Annual report from Bitcoin SV’s The Bitcoin Association, claims BSV now rivals VISA for transactions per second, and offers BSV miners “better returns” than BTC. The Bitcoin Association, which promotes Bitcoin SV, says the BSV network now rivals credit card processor VISA in terms of transactions per second. It also claims BSV transaction processors (miners) […]

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Trading with Crypto Exchanges and Crypto CFDs: Which is Better?

CFD could be a very foreign word for a crypto trader, but for traditional market traders, it is one of the most useful assets to trade with on different markets. CFD is an abbreviation for Contracts for Difference, which are basically assets that help you “buy a price” and not the asset itself. It may […]