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Europe’s Top Miners Share Local Industry Insights

A study surveying reps from top EU mining firms found many believe regulations and protections offset higher electricity costs. A report compiled by non-profit research institute, dGen, has found that European crypto miners believe that the region’s higher electricity prices when compared to China and Russia are offset by political stability, robust regulation, and strong […]

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Samson Mow’s Infinite Fleet Game Partners with STOKR for STO

Infinite Fleet, under CEO Samson Mow, announced it would use the security tokens issued by STOKR as development funds. Infinite Fleet, a space adventure game, is partnering with blockchain marketplace STOKR to launch a security token offering (STO). In an April 20 blog written by Infinite Fleet, the gaming company announced it would use the tokens […]

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Unity in Europe — DGen’s Conclusion to Fueling Blockchain Innovation

By proposing the united regulatory framework for blockchain and crypto spaces, Europe would have a chance to surpass its main competitors: China and the U.S. Besides China’s ongoing struggle with the coronavirus, one of the defining narratives for the world’s largest country entering the new decade was its central bank-issued digital currency. Reportedly in its […]