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Block.One to Launch Social Media Platform Ahead of Schedule

According to Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo, the platform has pivoted from an autumn launch date and will be available to readers on July 4. Voice, the social media platform by EOS creator Block.One, announced that it will launch on July 4.According to a Tweet posted by Voice Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salah Zalatimo on June […]

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Vitalik Says He Has ‘Some Respect’ for How EOS Handles Governance

Ethereum’s co-founder recently tipped his hat to EOS for its niche-carving efforts. In a recent series of tweets, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin gave a nod of approval to competing blockchain EOS with regard to the niche they are trying to carve out.  “If I were designing a new chain to live alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum, I would take all […]

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Keeping Your Assets Safe — Crypto Insurance May Soon Become the Norm

Modern crypto exchanges often have audited financials, chief compliance officers, and seek out regulators without hesitation. Will insurance be the next step? If the crypto sector is to attract more institutional investors, it will need to provide more insurance solutions. This point was driven home anew with the recent news that the Gemini crypto exchange […]