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Europe’s Top Miners Share Local Industry Insights

A study surveying reps from top EU mining firms found many believe regulations and protections offset higher electricity costs. A report compiled by non-profit research institute, dGen, has found that European crypto miners believe that the region’s higher electricity prices when compared to China and Russia are offset by political stability, robust regulation, and strong […]

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Armenian IT Company Accused of Illegal Electricity Use to Mine Crypto

An IT company in Armenia has been accused of setting up a crypto mining operation in a hydroelectric plant and using its electricity illegally for over a year. An IT company in Armenia has been accused of illegally accessing electricity and using it to mine cryptocurrencies.$150,000 in powerOn Sept. 21, in an announcement from the […]

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Government of Abkhazia Cuts Off Power to 15 Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities

The government of Abkhazia has cut off power to 15 crypto mining farms due to concerns over electricity consumption. The government of the Republic of Abkhazia has cut power to some cryptocurrency mining farms due to electricity concerns, state electric utility Chernomorenergo RUE announced in a Facebook post on Dec. 31. Per the announcement, Chernomorenergo […]