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Waves Launched a Non-Profit Association Under German Law

Waves established a non-profit association to stimulate global adoption of the DLTs and support the growth of the Waves ecosystem. According to a Feb. 3 press release, open source blockchain platform Waves established a non-profit organization called Waves Association in Frankfurt, Germany to provide effective governance for its own ecosystem, Web3, and to foster the […]

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Key Players in Crypto and Blockchain Share Their New Year’s Wish for 2020

Cointelegraph reached out to leaders of the crypto and blockchain space to find out what their New Year’s wish was for the industry. The digital currency space has seen rapid growth and expansion in 2019, with heightened interest from governments and global corporations. Cryptos recovered from the 2018 bear market, when with Bitcoin (BTC) crashed […]

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CryptoBridge Closes Down and Waves Relaunches, DEXs Face Tough Times

CryptoBridge DEX went out with a bang, citing market conditions and increased regulations. Should others be worried? Earlier this week, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange CryptoBridge abruptly announced that it was shutting shop, leaving just two weeks for its customers to retrieve their funds. Around the same time, the Waves DEX also shut down to resume operations […]