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Presidential Campaigns and Tiktok: Bad Crypto News of the Week

Check out this week’s Bad Crypto podcast. It’s been another good, stable week for Bitcoin. No big breakout yet but also no sudden collapse and a comfortable rise of around 1.6 percent. If that sounds like Bitcoin is becoming a bit predictable, don’t rest too easy. Some analysts see this sideways period as the prelude […]

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BTC Outflow on BitMEX Exceeded Inflow by $73M: TokenAnalyst

Bitcoin outflows on BitMEX exceeded inflows by $73 million after the exchange was reported to be investigated by the CFTC. Bitcoin (BTC) outflows on major crypto exchange BitMEX have notably exceeded the inflows after the firm was reported to be a subject in a regulatory investigation. Bitcoin outflows on BitMEX exceeded inflows by $73 million […]

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Federal Preemption or States’ Rights? Crypto Advocates Clash Over Regulatory Approaches

Caitlin Long and Peter Van Valkenburgh find themselves on the opposite sides of the federal-versus-state regulation divide. It is easy to think of the most prominent blockchain advocates as a united front, whose ranks are tightly closed in the face of the common enemy — a horde of fierce crypto critics, unwieldy regulators, anti-money laundering […]