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Justin Sun’s Steemit Accused of Censoring Hive Related Content

Justin Sun’s Steemit has been accused of censoring content about the upcoming Hive hard fork. In the latest development in the Steem (STEEM) saga, Justin Sun has come under fire for censoring posts on the platform related to the community-driven ‘Hive’ hard fork.On March 19, cryptocurrency influencer Girl Gone Crypto Tweeted a clip to say […]

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Russia Cracks Down on ‘Anonymous Darknet Networks’ Like TON and Tor

Russia’s communications watchdog is calling on contractors to help it block or disrupt anonymous networks including The Onion Router and Telegram Open Network. The Russian communications watchdog has launched an offensive on censorship resistant platforms, including the Telegram Open Network (TON) and privacy browser Tor.Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass […]

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Status, an Ethereum Private Messenger Goes Waku on Telegram

An Ethereum-based private p2p messenger takes on Telegram and oppressive regimes around the world. Startup Status raised $100 M in its 2017 initial coin offering on the premise of building a private messenger based on the Whisper protocol that allows Ethereum DApps to communicate. Each smartphone that runs a Status app becomes a node, and […]