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Adam Back: Crisis Will Push BTC to $300K Even Without Institutions

Crypto pioneer Adam Back thinks the current financial situation could propel Bitcoin to $300K — even without Goldman Sachs on board. Blockstream’s Adam Back says that unlimited money printing will drive retail investors towards Bitcoin and push the price to $300,000 within five years.In an interview with Bloomberg — in which he once again denied […]

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The Future of Crypto: The Latest Cryptography Advances Set to Change Blockchain

Industry experts tell Cointelegraph about the latest cryptography innovations and how they will influence the future of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies could not exist without cryptography. Advances in this field can have far-reaching impacts on blockchain technology and its potential. We will examine the opinions of industry experts on the latest cryptographic advances and their potential for […]

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Blockchain Tech Firm Blockstream Launches Beta Version of Satellite API for Data Broadcast

Blockstream has announced the Beta version of its Satellite API designed to broadcast encrypted data. Blockchain technology company Blockstream is launching the beta version of its Blockstream Satellite API, designed to help developers broadcast data via the company’s satellite network. The launch was revealed in the official announcement published Jan. 16. The move follows the […]