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A Look at Blockchain’s Pivotal Role in Securing Mobile Networks

Over the years, blockchain has received a lot of coverage, although the concept of blockchain is often quite misunderstood. From a more technical perspective, blockchain is nothing more than a data structure which is used to track interactions between devices on a distributed network. One of the best-known examples of how blockchain technology works are […]

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Corporate and Government Blockchain Use | Is it Really Being Used? If So, Why?

In the past few years, the public perception of blockchain has shifted from being an esoteric, little-understood technology to nothing short of a revolution that may define the future of the internet. We have been seeing massive venture capital being pumped into blockchain startups for a while now and blockchain based startups are now finding […]

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Passwordless Future With Blockchain: Debunking The Myth That Passwords Make Us Safe

We live in a time of rapidly advancing technology. Interconnectivity has brought the world closer than it’s ever been before, however, it’s also made our personal information far more vulnerable as a result. Passwords have long been seen as the cornerstone of online security. Whenever we indulge in internet shopping, or access work emails, or […]