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Satoshi Invented GPU Mining to Defend the Network Says Early Dev

According to an early Bitcoin dev, Satoshi prepared several versions of GPU mining code to defend Bitcoin against a 51% attack. Satoshi Nakamoto had pre-invented Bitcoin (BTC) GPU mining in order to defend the network, says early Bitcoin developer who worked with the Bitcoin creator in 2010.Laszlo Hanyecz, who is known for making the first […]

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Crypto Markets Trade Flat as Equities Markets Drop Following Yesterday’s Pump

Following the recent period of volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin has found support around $3,800, and has led the overall cryptocurrency markets to trade sideways. The crypto market’s stability over the past couple of days comes amidst major volatility in the traditional equities markets. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up marginally at […]

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Bitcoin Turns 10! We’ve Had 10 Years of the Digital Currency

Today marks 10 years of Bitcoin; its original white paper was released onto the internet on Halloween day, 2008. What began as an idea to challenge the financial establishment, has since grown to become a $110 billion market. 10 Years of Bitcoin: The Whitepaper The purpose of Bitcoin was straightforward; the digital asset, as a […]