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UK Startup Puts Haitian Farmers and Their Crops On the Blockchain

A Blockchain company in the UK has a new program for Haitian farmers and their crop sales. A UK tech company recently announced a blockchain ecosystem for farmers in Haiti, bringing clarity to the supply chain while bolstering sales.Agriledger, a blockchain outfit based in the UK, was responsible for building this new ecosystem. Their goal […]

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Brazilian State Launches Blockchain Platform for Government Contract Bids

The Brazilian state of Bahia announced an agriculturally-focused blockchain app, designed to make bidding for government contracts transparent. In Brazil, the state of Bahia has launched a blockchain application to track the process of public bidding on government contracts, according to a report by Cointelegraph Brazil on July 12.The blockchain-based solution, called Online Bid Solution […]

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Cargill Invests Digital Engineering to Develop Hyperledger Grid

Agricultural giant Cargill will invest its digital engineering resources to develop Hyperledger Grid. United States-based agricultural conglomerate Cargill has announced that it is investing digital engineering resources to develop Hyperledger Grid, according to an announcement on Jan. 25. Hyperledger Grid is a recently announced project from Hyperledger that aims to streamline supply chains by using […]